Penny PopArt - Dodgers - Cody Goldstein

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Why these inspirations:
Abraham Lincoln has made his mark on America in such a way that his face has been embossed onto our currency. The people/characters Cody has chosen to paint in his penny collection have made a mark on him at some point in his life, earning their place on his currency.

"I believe that art can (and probably should) be everywhere. I find great excitement in taking the commonplace, and giving it another life, opening the door to new possibilities, new concepts, and new ways of debating the talk of the times. My #PennyPopArt began as an exercise in ‘less is more’ (no pun intended). The goal being to use as little detail as possible to transform Abraham Lincoln into pop icons. Since then, I have also incorporated portraiture. All of the subjects in this collection have influenced me at some point in my life. I am also aware of the absurd value we place on celebrities/pop culture icons. With this collection, I aim to impact the discussion of what is truly important by painting the highly unique and highly valued on our most common and lowest valued currency." - Cody Goldstein