About Us

For over fifty years, connoisseurs of fine art have shared a secret. And like all proud cognoscenti, they have guarded this secret-often jealousy-even from each other. But, as with all well kept secrets, there comes a time when the word can be kept quiet no longer. For Frame Masters, that time is now.


Put quite simply, Frame Masters are artists whose medium is the frame.

We were founded in 1969 on the idea that the old-world skills and sensibilities of framing will always be state of the art. Our mission is not merely to evoke the past but to create magnificent frames that sustain the beauty of the past and help that beauty to thrive well into the future.Consistent with the idea, our singular goal remains the same today as it was when our company was founded: to create the perfect frame for each and every brilliant work of art that passes through our hands.

The people who seek out our expertise - museums, collectors, art dealers, interior designers-come from diverse backgrounds but are united in their passion to find the ideal frames for the masterpieces that are in their charge.

Whether seeking repairs, restorations, or reproduction of existing frame or commissioning a new truly custom, hand-carved or molded design, our clients trust us with their most prized possessions because of our distinguished record and reputation within their rarefied circle.

Our success begins with an average of over 20 years of experience among our skilled artisans. It continues with the respect and consideration that we show in consultation with every one of our clients. Most of all, we listen. We listen to our clients needs and desires. We listen to their ideas about the setting and lighting of the space in which a work of art will live after it leaves our shop. All of this information will ultimately find expression in the artistic passions and creativity of our craftsmen, who will use only the finest materials and the painstaking disciplines of their craft to meticulously construct the highest quality frame available anywhere.

In today’s mass- produced world, our methods sometimes seem absurdly old-fashioned. So be it. At Frame Maters, we readily admit our devotion to timelessness of beauty.

Let the Secret be Known.