Glue - Luthiers Rabbit Skin

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Luthiers rabbit skin glue size is highly refined and consistent. It is highly recommended for making gilder’s gesso and particularly used for making the gilder's bole for traditional water gilding. It produces a strong and excellent base leading to a super burnish on genuine gilded surfaces.

This fine quality glue size is made in USA. The bloom strength is 500 gram.

Since 1969, we at Frame Masters have used rabbit skin glue in manufacturing our gilded ornamental and hand carved picture frames.

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Along with rabbit skin glue size, Frame Masters also offers a wide selection gilding supplies including 6K, 12K, 16K, 18K, 23K and 24K Gold Leaf, Moon gold, genuine & imitation gold on rolls / ribbons, genuine silver leaf, pure copper leaf, imitation gold & silver (aluminum) leaf, animal hide glue size and traditional gesso / whiting.