Restoration of antique and period gilded picture frames can include structural repairs to the frame system, gesso restoration, replication and replacement of missing ornamental elements, cleaning, and sometimes removal of inappropriate finishes. Conservation of antique gilding and in-fill gilding and gold leafing as required completes the process.

Conservation framing is the process of protecting your piece of art where it will last for years to come as well as maintaining its value. The main components of conservation framing are acid free mats, acid-free backing, and ultraviolet glass.

Major factors to consider in your framing order are the glazing (glass), mat-boards, if used, mounting techniques and backing material. All these materials should be acid-free/museum quality. A true acid free mat board is made out of cotton rather than the less expensive mats which are made out of wood pulp.

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Ornate Frame Restoration

This frame came to us with one corner missing. We replicated the corner exactly to match the existing corner ornaments and leafed the damaged areas only to match the existing finish of the frame.



Antique Hand-Carved Frame

Here you can see all the areas that we had to reconstruct to put the frame back together again.  We leafed the restored parts to match the existing finish.

Double Beveled Antique Hand Painted Mirror

This client was referred to us by another picture framer in town.  This (right hand image) was a cherished heirloom piece but obviously it could not be hung as the frame was compromised with loose glass hanging.  They asked if we could restore the piece.  No was the reply - it was beyond restoration. But - we could replicate it, they agreed!.


We first duplicated the frame exactly, then all the mirrors were manufactured to fit and installed.  The challenge about making the mirrors was that all the mirrors on the circumference of the frame were "double beveled" ie every 1/2" the mirror is beveled ie 5 bevels on a piece of glass 2" wide.  


This is a very difficult process but well worth the effort.  The visual result is amazing.  Once the mirror was installed, all the patterns were hand painted to match the original designs.


I visited the home once the mirror was hung - I have to say I was very proud of what we had made. It looked absolutely stunning. Based on the reaction of everyone who has seen this mirror in person - we have kept all the plans to be able to reconstruct and duplicate the piece!  


We realize the photos do not do justice to show the beauty of the piece. It is very difficult to photograph mirrors. However sample is available at our showroom.

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