Custom Framing

Frame Masters is an expert full service custom picture framing store based in Los Angeles since 1969. We offers a wide range of custom picture framing solutions at wholesale prices directly to the public.

In our framing Gallery located on La Brea Ave you will encounter expert and friendly staff with everything you could expect from a picture framing store. At this frame shop you can design and create your own unique design in a timely and affordable price.

Whether you are considering to frame a fine art print, a poster, a family photograph, Diploma or an Antique document or memorable object, we are able to offer you an exquisite and unique design matched with an unbeatable quality and price. Fine art custom picture framing is our forte'. We specialize in manufacturing of large oversize picture frames and mirrors.

We have the capability of stretching large canvases and  murals. Oversized old movie posters can be Linen backed and framed using conservation archival techniques. All these and much more can fill  that huge wall space to create a focal point that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

All our custom frames are guaranteed to ensure your full satisfaction "Full service" means, we do not refuse any custom framing jobs. You will be able to repair or replace your glass / mat board / frame etc. if that is all you need. We offer same day repair or custom framing service, subject to material availability.

Please call us for an appointment at (323) 466 9999.


In most cases the art is viewed through a glass medium. Glass protects and interacts with the art. Hence the correct selection of glass is an important element of the framing process. Safety factors as well as Non-Glare, Non-Reflective, and U.V. filtration factors need to be considered carefully and balanced against the costs involved. In the past decade, the glass industry has produced exciting options to the framing industry. Our experienced designers determine which combination of factors are suitable and necessary for each piece we frame. They will guide you through to ensure that the correct choices are made.
Round & Oval Custom

We manufacture oversize frames for the Hospitality/ Entertainment/ Exhibition Industries. Oversize Frames can be created and shipped directly to the exhibition sight, ready to hang. We specialize in manufacturing unique high quality frames for your Vintage Posters. A vintage poster is not only a valuable part of history but also an investment, and as such it requires the necessary archival treatments to ensure its preservation. You may contact one our designers to discuss your requirements.
Mats & Fillets

With thousands of Mat board options available, there is bound to be a perfect choice for your piece. Our designer's goal is to rule out the unsuitable and offer the possible options for further consideration.

We believe that the client's input is crucial in achieving a good result, and here is where the fun begins besides the usual regular mat boards, we also offer acid free mat boards, and fabric mats in many thicknesses . We also design and produce French Matting (where water color wash panels and lines are created on 100% Rag Mat board), and English Matting ( The original mat concept created in England, where the glass is painted on the reverse side).

We offer replacement or restoration of such rare mats. Fillets come in a variety of materials and their effective use is crucial in enhancing your artwork. Mat board fillets, custom foil fillets are offered along wooden fillets. Wooden fillet can be toned to match the frame where ever necessary.

We have the capability of creating a thick bevel as a fillet and gild it in either 22 Karat or other non precious metals to match and enhance your art. Having gilded the thick bevel, the mat board's face is then covered with a suitable fabric revealing the gilded bevel.

Archival does not just mean using “Acid Free” materials. Handling your treasured piece as well as presenting it with an appropriate design are equally as important. For over 40 years we have collaborated with a thousands of Fine Art Gallery and Collectors. Our loyal client base is a testimony to our success and their trust in our professional integrity.
Art Restoration

Over the years we have built close relationships with some of the most accomplished art restorers in the art industry. We will be happy to present your art piece to them on their regular weekly stops at our show room. We will then share their views on how best the restoration of your art could be carried out.
Frame Restorations
Restoring an antique frame requires the expertise that only come with years of experience. We have the capability of repairing only part of the damaged area and retouching it to match the frame, or completely restore the entire frame and gild it to its original glory.

In the past decade, mirrors have played an increasingly important role in all our lives. Whether you are using a mirror for its functional purpose or it’s decorative aspect, we have the answer for you. Frame Masters offers a huge array of choices including Antique Mirrors, Beveled Mirrors and Colored Mirrors. We offer Starphire Mirror for its optical clarity & transparency and is favored by the fashion industry. We produce mirrors for retail chain stores. We are also able to Tag mirrors with your art or logo. We have several options for safety and hanging considerations where it is required. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.
Engraving Services

Often finishing touches such as an engraved brass plate with the artists details is necessary to complete the job. Or perhaps a corporate logo or message would need to be duplicated and personalized for each client or employee. What ever the challenge, we can offer an appropriate solution. We create highly personalized engravings that once installed to the frame will be treasured and appreciated for many years.

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